Tarlochan Singh on Yogi Bhajan Mission

Diversity Dialogues By Sardar Tarlochan Singh

Yogi Bhajan’s mission is on the march.

May 26, 2016 — It has been almost 12 years since Harbhajan Singh Yogiji left his physical body (see announcement). From 1969 when he came to the West until 2004 Yogiji served humanity and the Sikh community with every breath he had.

Tarlochan Singh

Harbhajan Singh Yogiji

I had the privilege to come close to Yogi Bhajan in 1952 when we both were in the All India Sikh Student Federation. I have observed his work in India as a government of India official and later on when he went to America and established the first yoga centre in L.A in 1969. I have been attending many International Confrences he organised in the U.S., Africa and Europe where he preached the message of Guru Nanak. Large numbers of foreigners accepted Sikh Dharma through these camps and he has been organising Yatras to Amritsar for these Sikhs annually. ( Also see Super Health Project.)

Left to right are Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice Chancellor of Patialla University, Rajbir Singh,
former Jathedar of Akal Takhat, Bhai Ranjit Singh,

Tarlochan Singh,

Satpal Singh, and Siri Singh Sahib Ji, November, 1996, India.

Along with Mother Teresa, Reverand Martin Luther King and Pope John II, Yogi Bhajan is only the 4th person to be recognized in the U.S. Congress for his service to humanity. This is a great honour for an Indian-born person. Even a highway has been named after him in the State of New Mexico. (Note: This roadway is off US Highway 84/285. It was NM 106, and was renamed the “Yogi Bhajan Memorial Highway”.)

Yogi Bhajan Memorial Highway
Since his passing away, there has been a tremendous

expansion of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan both in the realm of Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga throughout the world. In most situations when a strong central figure is no longer there it becomes very natural for everything that person built to diminish over time. But In the case of Yogi Bhajan, and all that he created, it is just the opposite.

There are more than 8000 lectures on Sikh Dharma, Kundalini Yoga and Humanology by Yogi Bhajan. Many have been available free through Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings on the Internet. (See 3HO Foundation.) Today, there are several hundred centers of Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Shabad Guru. The outreach of these have gone far beyond North America, Southeast Asia and Europe – it has reached China, South America, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.
For the past 9 years, China has created several hundred teachers of Kundalini Yoga where thousands now practice the ancient science of breath and meditation, including chanting Japji, and Sat Nam Wahe Guru.
Moreover, hundreds of these students come to Amritsar every year to visit Golden Temple and pay their respects to Guru Ram Das. Dozens completed the 84 steps of Gowindwal and have made yatras to Anandpur Sahib. Anandpur Sahib where Yogi ji built a large complex near the Takht. Currently there are 8 outstanding Chinese students who study at Miri Piri Academy, a boarding school founded by Yogi Bhajan 24 years ago at Amritsar. Recently, in China thousands participated in BREATHE, 3rd Great Asian Tour on Kundalini Yoga for Health, Happiness, and Harmony. They are following the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.
Once Yogi Bhajan was asked about the prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh of having 960 million Khalsa. He said that will come from China. Europe and Russia. Russia has seen tremendous growth in the technology of Kundalini yoga and the expansion of Sikh Dharma over the past

decade. Even though Russia began its journey with Yogi Bhajan in 1985, thousands now participate in their Kundalini Yoga Festivals, Yatras to India, hold Langars, and build Gurdwaras.

The Middle East and Africa is continuing to grow also at a very steady rate. Ghana, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa and many others have all expanded in the teaching offered by Yogi Bhajan.

Perhaps one of the larger areas of expansion in the Western hemisphere is Central and South America. Chile has now legalized Sikh Dharma as a recognized religion. Amrit Prachar, Gurbani Kirtan, KundaliniYoga Festivals, Gurdwaras, Langar programs and many other forms of seva is well placed in their society.
‘Langar Chile’ has just celebrated 10 years of National Service. Chile and 7 other South American countries have requested the Women of Light Foundation to become part of the governmental programs offered to their citizens. Founded by Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa, Women of Light is a program developed to serve all women with the technology of Sikh Dharma and Kundalini Yoga.
Moreover, Crecer Consciente Foundation, which is based on Yogi Bhajans teachings for children and developed by Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa, is widely accepted on a governmental level by many South American countries.
For the past two years, Gurubachan Singh Khalsa has been invited to teach in the National Congress of Chile. He has been the first person in Chile who has had this privilege that is otherwise reserved for the President of the

country. In 2016 he was invited to the National Congress of Argentina. Gurubachan Singh received the Baston of Honor from the National Police of Bolivia, the highest honor given to a civilian.

In Paraguay, plans are now being developed to build the first Sikh Gurdwara not only in that country but also as major center of spiritualty for the continent .The ‘Langar Paraguay’ program, now in its 6th year, feeds more than 200 indiginous street children everyday. The teachings of Shabad Guru and Kundalini Yoga are an everyday reality for many of the countries 5 million Catholic population. (See Lord of Miracles Tour.)

In Argentina there is a growing population of Sikhs both Western and Indian. Now there is Guru Granth Sahib installed in a Gurdwara in Buenos Aires.
Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Argentina and Colombia have accepted Kundalini Yoga and the teachings on stress reduction to thousands in their National Police force. Sometimes as many as 1200 policemen meditate while listenting to Gurbani Kirtan. Througout of South America many banks, corporations, hospitals, universities and military forces are practicing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The relevancy in these times of stress, chaos, confusion and extreme social problems has brought thousands to the feet of Guru in one way or another.

Brazil, through the tremendous efforts of a Brazilian woman, Guru Sangat Kaur Khalsa, and the Sangat have created the Miri Piri School of Brazil. It is the first school in the Americas that is patterned after the Miri Piri Academy

in Amritsar – all based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Shabd Guru. Even the successful Catholic School systems in Brazil wants to emulate and incorporate into their educational systems many of the programs that Miri Piri School is offering.

If you review the hundreds of seva programs that are being offered world wide through the followers of Yogi Bhajan and his teachings your eyes cannot remain dry. The compassion and kindness in our seva to humanity emulates the great work Yogi Bhajan has inspired. One man as a humble Sikh leaving a government job in India in 1970 came to the U.S., and started the Sikh Dharma in Western hemisphere and thousands of Americans joined as Sikhs wearing turbans.

By grace of Guru Ram Das, Yogi Bhajan’s legacy is guiding the American Sikhs to spread the message of Sikhism all over the world and hundred and thousands are attending yoga classes chanting Satnam. Satpal Singh Kohli, his son-In-law, has been named as Ambassador of Sikhism in the U.S. by Jathedar Takht Patna Sahib, and he has been participating in many International Inter-Faith conclaves to speak on Sikhism. Tarlochan Singh

Former Chairman National Commission For Minorities.